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8) Castiel [Supernatural]
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10) Lily Aldrin [HIMYM]
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And then I remember doing the conversation with [SMG] in the shade in the daytime and I don’t even remember if I had any lines. We were sitting on crates, I remember, and just listening to her and thinking that I was trying to communicate a lot to her without talking. And then when they edited the scene, they ended up using a lot of what I was doing without talking, which was kind of cool.
James Marsters (x)
And by the time we get to season 4 it’s developing.

There are two episodes where the characters get together. One is a kind of a “What if?” episode, which is brought on by a spell that Willow casts, which is completely unreal. But then there’s a scene later on in the season where Faith takes over Buffy’s body and just messes with Spike’s mind. And there we see for the first time that if… That Spike would have gone for it. He would have very much liked to have kissed Buffy, and that’s why he can’t kill her. But he’s in love with someone who’s truly good, and so he’s going to try and be the kind of man that Buffy would like to have.

[Spuffy!Meme] Day 14 - Favorite Spike photo 

[Spuffy!Meme] Day 14 - Favorite Spike photo 

As an actor, right away I played an attraction to Buffy, even though Spike was fully in love with Drusilla. There was a scene where I was hunting Buffy to observe her and see what her fighting style was. I’m looking at her in the Bronze and I’m walking through the crowds watching her dance. And there was something very much hunter, “I’m going to kill you” but also a heavy sexual undercurrent and that just came off the day of watching Sarah dance, but Spike is the perfect boyfriend, so he would never go beyond that. But there was that attraction immediately. By the time we get to season 4, it’s developing. There are two episodes where the characters get together. One is kind of a what-if episode which is brought on by a spell that willow casts which is completely unreal. But then there’s a second scene later on in the season where Faith takes over Buffy’s body and messes with Spike’s mind. We see for the first time that Spike would have gone for it, he would very much like to have kissed Buffy and that’s why he can’t kill her. Because he’s in love with someone who’s truly good. And so he’s going to try and be the sort of man that Buffy would like to have.

-James Marsters


they should have gone with this take tbh.


James Marsters on falling in love with Buffy, DragonCon 2009. 

At 0:20

“I came to think of Sarah as my little sister, who you love very much but frustrates the heck out of you sometimes, to the point where when we were paired as a romantic couple, I was worried about that, ‘cause I’m like ‘Oh my god, I’m kissing my sister.’, you know. So I spent a lot of time trying to fall in love with her in that way that you do when you’re paired with somebody, not really fall in love, but find something in them that you find lovable. And I couldn’t get over this feeling that she was my sister. There’s a lot that’s lovable about her, but it’s just, I just was always in this box in my mind. And then I show up to set one day and we were filming this episode where Buffy just came back from heaven, she got ripped back down to, essentially, hell, and she’s got this sister she’s gotta take care of, she’s now a mom, basically, and she’s working in this burger….this chicken burger thing? She’s got this ridiculous hat on, and she’s not whining. You know, Buffy is still perky and she’s at the drive through trying to do the job well, even though she can’t really do it very well… And I just thought: ‘That’s it. Sarah can remain my little sister, but it’s Buffy that I’m in love with’, and that’s why. It’s because she won’t give up. And I was looking at her with this grin on my face. And I’m just looking at her like this (smiles, does classic Spike head-tilt) and I’m so happy that I finally found my answer and she goes: ‘WHAT?! It’s the HAT, huh!? People have been making fun of me all day in this hat. YOU TOO? I DIDN’T EXPECT IT FROM YOU!’ (flaps arms, pretending to run away) And I never told her what it really was about her, because I fell in love with her in that moment.”

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Love scenes are very tricky. So we try to get through it with a lot of humour, and we crack a lot of jokes. Luckily Sarah is a consummate professional. The first time I kissed her I bit her. She was like [shocked] ‘he bit me! You bit me’. I’m like, [embarrassed] ‘Sarah, I’m a virgin at this… I guess I bite people. No one ever minded before’.



Spike’s reaction to Buffy’s death.

James Marsters said: “I’ve never played a character for this long. l’m used to doing stage, where you live with a character for a maximum of about four months. After five years, there really is a space somewhere in my soul where Spike and Buffy really do live. There really is a Sunnydale inside me somewhere. So when Buffy really was dead and I really was Spike it wasn’t hard at all to break down. It was crushing. That’s the weird thing about acting, man. We’re not insane, but we’re paid to use our imaginations as fully as we can. So somewhere down inside my heart there really is a Spike and a Buffy and he’s very much hoping that he’ll get a little more time with Buffy.”

I always felt the tears were real when watching this scene, the same way it was real for the fans. We all love Buffy, regardless of whether she’s real or not.

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Chance (2002)

"She is so cool. She’s the best. On the set, if you don’t have a director’s chair with your name on it you end up sitting on the floor and being in everyone’s way, which just causes more stress. Neither Juliet nor I had chairs. Sarah finally went up to the producers and said, ‘Look, these guys have done seven episodes so far, they are going to be in it until the end of the season, can we get them some chairs? I’ll pay for them.’ I thought that was so classy. She’s very intelligent, very strong, and very articulate. Basically, she makes 22 one-hour movies a year and she always knows her lines. She’s in almost every shot. I can’t say enough about her. I like her a lot as a person and as a co-worker. To some people she has a bit of a boundary because she’s a big star and people will take from her as much as she’s willing to give, so she protects herself because she needs to." - James Marsters on Sarah Michelle Gellar

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