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From James Marsters’ panel, Megacon 2014

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Actually, ya know, Joss is still writing comic books, they’re doing season 10 now. I think anybody interested in the Spike/Buffy relationship should probably check out those comic books, because I think it’s gonna get *very* interesting between the two of those characters.
James Marsters (Capital Public Radio)
James Marsters interview on Capital Public Radio
Q: How do you feel about Sarah Michelle Gellar choosing Angel over Spike?
JM: I think it was constructed that way. Wisely. Spike only got his soul very late in the game. I'm not really sure either character deserved Buffy. Buffy was a really awesome human being that deserves someone just as awesome as she was, and I think both Angel and Spike were kind of messed up. Even though they had souls and cool hair or whatever, they still had so many issues, so I thought she probably deserves someone better than both of them. But Angel had his soul longer and his priorities are a little straighter. Spike was, you know, evil for pretty much the whole time.
Q: You said he was "seeking goodness" at one point. Changed your mind?
JM: The thing is, I didn't want them to kill my character off so I played Spike as if he had a soul from the beginning. But it wasn't written as if he did, so there's a little bit of conundrum there. I was talking with David Fury, one of the producers and writers on Buffy, and he said "Yeah, we noticed that, James, and we had to incorporate that" and it was like a part of Spike's soul was still in him.
Actually, Joss is still writing comic books, they're doing season 10 now. Anybody interested in Spike and Buffy's relationship should probably check out those comic books, because I think it's gonna get very interesting between two of those characters.


James Marsters and BTVS Writers on “Spike”

James is one of the most marvelous actors whom I’ve worked with. One of the most intelligent I’ve ever met. He’s very very well trained, Shakespearean style. He is super professional and he wants to do everything to perfection and it shows in everything he does. He even does most of his stunts on Buffy. One time he even burned his hand, and he continued just the same. He’s simply an incredible actor and an extraordinary human being. I appreciate working with him every day.
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