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Miss Kitty, France.

Mostly a Buffyverse fan.



♦ Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
♦ Angel
♦ Six Feet Under
♦ Kaamelott
♦ Malcolm
♦ How I Met Your Mother
♦ Supernatural
♦ The Good Wife
♦ Once Upon A Time
♦ The Big C
♦ Orphan Black

◘ Hunger Games
◘ Harry Potter

=> SHIPS :

♥ Buffy/Spike [BtVS]
♥ Angel/Cordelia [AtS]
♥ Harry/Hermione [Harry Potter]
♥ Dean/Castiel [Supernatural]
♥ Alicia/Will [The Good Wife]
♥ Emma/Hook [OUAT]
♥ Katniss/Peeta [Hunger Games]
♥ Violet/Tate [American Horror Story]


1) Spike - Buffy Summers [BtVS]
2) Dawn Summers [BtVS]
3) Cordelia Chase [BtVS/AtS]
4) Faith [BTVS/ATS]
5) Willow Rosenberg - Alexander Harris [BtVS]
6) Claire Fisher [Six Feet Under]
7) Dean Winchester [Supernatural]
8) Castiel [Supernatural]
9) Alicia Florrick & Will Gardner [The Good Wife]
10) Lily Aldrin [HIMYM]
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Jared: That was the best hug Sam and Cas ever had. x

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Dawn/Sam: Parallels.

The Benders:

Alvin Jenkins: Why don’t you give it up Sammy, there’s no way out!
Sam Winchester: [straining] Don’t… call me… Sammy!

The Weight of the World:

Dawn: “Don’t call me ‘Dawnie.’”
Glory: “Wow. You know, that actually hurt my feelings.”

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J² Pics → Jus in Bello III Con.
Original photo here.

J² Pics → Jus in Bello III Con.

Original photo here.

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