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8) Castiel [Supernatural]
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10) Lily Aldrin [HIMYM]
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” I t ’ s    a b o u t      p o w e r ”


Season 9 Parallels • Buffy: #16 / A&F: #16

Old friends return

 ”I believe in you, Buffy. I know you’ll do right.” ~ Spike


Does his mini-series take Spike away from the main book, or does something happen in between the pages of Buffy’s ongoing?

VG:   Yes, Spike goes off on his own. But the consequences should — sooner or later — leak back into the main Buffy stories.

After the whole “pregnancy” story line, he seems to have maybe, just maybe, given up on Buffy.  How is Spike handling all of the things that Buffy threw at him recently?

VG: Keep in mind, that he’s thrown some stuff at Buffy too.  It was his idea to remove himself and let Buffy do whatever she needed to do without old Spike in the way.  But yes, Buffy is very much in Spike’s thoughts as he goes off to do his soul searching.  Had he given up on Buffy altogether?  Or just a certain way of thinking about her?  Or is she too much under his skin?  This is what we need to hang on to find out.  I mean soul searching isn’t like wroking a math equation, right?  It can be a messy process.

CBR : The other major thread that this arc deals with is Buffy and Spike’s relationship. In the past, you and I have talked about how the goal here never was to put them together and make them a happy couple, and we’ve seen then trying to navigate their feelings here in a way that makes sense. What can you say about how this relationship impacts what will become of Spike in his incoming mini series?

Scott Allie : Oh man, there’s relatively little I can say about that. Some of the readers felt we spoiled too much just by announcing the Spike series. But in my opinion – well, I wrote this so it’s my take on it, but Buffy and Spike have a pretty mature conversation about who they are and what they mean to each other coming up. Spike makes what is a pretty strong choice for the two of them, and then his mini series develops him in a really interesting way. Joss had said a few years ago that he felt like Spike was the most evolved character of the group. He’s changed the most and matured the most. I think you can make that argument for a number of characters in the series, but you can particularly make it for Spike. So I see what Victor Gischler is doing in “Spike” as the next great step in his evolution and maturation. This is him evolving into the man that only he can be and the man that he can only be because he chose to get a soul.

25 days of spuffy » day 19 » favorite comics moment » from buffy season 9 issue #8

25 days of spuffy » day 19 » favorite comics moment » from buffy season 9 issue #8

Favorites Buffy panels (season 9).

Angel & Faith Issue #9

Angel & Faith Issue #9

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