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buffy meme - characters (2/5)

CBR : At the heart of “Buffy,” as always, are the relationships. One of the first ones touched upon here is Buffy and Spike, and she labels where they’re at with “Yay For Maturity.” After so many winding roads for the pair, what’s the value in having those two relatively happy and in synch for once?

Christos Gage : It’s where they are. Season 9 got them here. Spike got to a place where he can stand on his own, and Buffy has embraced her role as Slayer. It’s a good place for both of them. But sometimes I think we want to put people in an easily labeled category — i.e. “in love/out of love” — when real human feelings are a lot more nuanced and complicated. So where they are in issue #1 isn’t necessarily where they’ll be in issue #2, 3 or 27.


New Christos Gage interview : http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=51769


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My favorite character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer was Spike.

Buffy: “I’m looking for this guy. Bleach-blond hair, leather jacket, British accent, kind of… sallow? But in a hot way?


Spike - Angel the series


Spike - Angel the series